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Fall 2018 Update: Playgroup is postponed for Fall 2018. Check back for updates.

Uffda Play (pronounced “oof-da!”) brings parents and children together in a fun, safe, fun (did I say that already?), and nurturing environment.

During playgroup, the littles eagerly break away from their caregiver to explore our locally made selection of simple handmade toys (no loud, plastic, battery-operated toys here!). Is that a mountain to be climbed? Or maybe it’s a dinosaur begging to be ridden! Our wonderful wooden play structures are made by hand, out of pine, with love. They provide a blank slate for young imaginations!

All of our toys are all made from natural fibres, in a variety of interesting shapes and textures, all just begging for children to put their own spin on them. Meanwhile, parents/caretakers sit back in a comfortable and laid-back environment to enjoy the company of other adults. (We even provide snacks!) #exhale

Uffda Play also hosts a baby group, which is a wonderful opportunity for parents of infants to be social with others who may be experiencing similar issues and challenges. Expectant parents are more than welcome to come and chat with other parents before baby arrives. (Practice baby snuggles are free with membership!)

If you approach parenting with a mindful, holistic "head, heart, hands" outlook, you will love Uffda Play. We are your people, and we would love to have you join us.

Read more about Uffda Play and its founder, Marlene (that’s me!) on our about page. To see our wonderful wooden play structures, Waldorf dolls, wooden castle blocks, and many more items handcrafted by local toy makers, please take a peek at our online store.

Now, let’s play!


Fall 2018 Update: Playgroup is postponed for Fall 2018. Check back for updates.

"It is amazing! I wish we had the budget for there to be one [triangle and ramp] in every room. It’s amazing to see little ones unsure of a new challenge, and then practice and embrace it. The toddlers are scaling it like little soldiers! Lol"

Jackie Duncan Smith, CFS Saskatoon Early Learning and Family Centre - Feehan location (purchased triangle and ramp)

"The babies love the platform and use it daily. We are still brainstorming some different ways to incorporate it into the infant room. The triangle and ramp are a huge hit! The preschoolers especially enjoy it."

Chelsea Dumontier

"The kids love it!!"

Tabatha Bodie (purchased triangle and ramp)